Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Hack Wifi Password using laptop

What you need is two software which you can download it from the internet. Get yourself a pen drive and go to your local cyber café and download

a)Comview for WiFi (trial version)
b)Aircrack ng 1.0 (for windows)


once you have install both software,what you need now is to capture packets by using Comview for WiFi, packets are data that is been sent back and forth from the owners computer and the wifi adapter and this raw data can be capture by using comview.Play comview, comview will first scan all the channels that are available.Once, the wifi connection that you want to hack appears, just click the button capture.Save all the data packets in the dump format, once you have enough data packets….open up the aircrack-ng gui exe,fro the aircrack menu, open the folder where you have save all your packets and launch the aircrack ng gui…if you fail, it means that you still don’t have enough packets…..capture more, if you have more than enough…it will only take you less than 30 second to hack into their wep encryption..GOOD are welcome to leave any question or opinion….